Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Process by which a planning decision be considered by committee

From an officer.....

The criteria are contained in the Constitution, in Part 3 – Responsibility for Functions, Section 2 D Guidance.  For convenience I have copied them below.

D. General principles applying to the exercise of delegated powers by
(a) Delegated officers must refer matters to the relevant committee as
they consider appropriate having regard to the following factors:-
i) whether the matter would have such an effect on
communities, businesses or individuals such as the matter
ought to be considered/determined by councillors;
ii) whether a councillor, applicant or other person with a
significant interest has requested that the matter be
determined by committee;
iii) whether there is evidence that the public or councillors have a
significant actual or potential interest in the matter such as
would give rise to a desire or expectation that it be determine
by councillors;
iv) whether the matter is likely to involve consideration of
disputed or uncertain matters of fact or law or whether the
decision gives rise to a fine balance between various options
such as might reasonably give rise to an expectation that the
matter will be considered by councillors;
v) where it is desirable that representations made in relation to
the matter by an applicant, objector other interested party
should be heard and considered by councillors;
vi) the need for consistency of approach in the council’s decision
making process;
vii) whether there are any specific national or local policy or (in
relation to development control decisions only) development
plan implications arising from the matter under consideration
which are of such significance that they might reasonably
give rise to an expectation that they ought to be considered
by councillors;
viii) whether the legal consequences of the matter of such
significance that it should be considered by councillors.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What the Windmill Hill LibDems forogot to mention about St Catherines Place..............

I noticed this little piece from the latest Windmill Hill LibDem Focus.

I hasten to say that I supported the St Catherines Place development. I know others didn't but I decided for a variety of reasons to support, and did so publicly. (All explained on another post on this blog)

Anyway, what the LibDems have failed to mention is the following:

Firstly, the SCP development ran across two meetings. At the first meeting neither LibDem councillor Christian Martin nor LibDem Councillor Alex Woodman turned up.

It is only by the merest chance that there was no decision at that meeting, and therefore only by the merest chance that these LibDems had a say.

And at the second meeting, I understand that the proposal was approved by 7 votes to 2.  Who proposed the motion to accept the proposal (the one about which LibDems in Windmill Hill are complaining)?

The same LibDem councillor Alex Woodman.