Friday, 26 September 2014

Supporting Camden Road Bridge planning application 4/04262/FB

I have decided to support the foot/cycle bridge which will cross the New Cut between Camden Road and the Chocolate is my submission

I strongly support the building of this bridge.

I think it will be extremely popular with Southville and Ashton residents and will become a significant walking and cycling route into town. It therefore has obvious benefits in terms of helping sustainable transport in the city.

I support the resolution passed by the Greater Bedminster Community partnership which states

'1. A protected crossing of Coronation Road in the area of Camden Road be provided due to the severe difficulties faced by pedestrians and cyclists.

2. That the new bridge is linked into existing and planned cycling/walking routes in Greater Bedminster, notably the 'green-walkways' and through legible city signage. The partnership requests that council travel planners work with the GBCP to ensure these element dove-tail together.

3. Existing natural history including trees should be protected and suitable mitigation be provided where there is a loss of trees or other vegetation.'

I have read other comments and do not particularly agree that the design of this bridge is any worse than the other options considered.

I note a comment about the impact on the Chocolate Path, but can't tell from the design whether this is so. Even so, I regard the building of the bridge as more important.

Finally, I would also support at least a partial closure of that end of Camden Road to traffic, and we take the opportunity to create an people-friendly entry point to Southville